About us

Balkan Security Forum

On May 6, 2006, 19 Macedonian authorities (9 scholars with PhDs, 2 scholars with MA degrees, 4 editors-journalists, 3 experts and 1 businessman) established the civil association “Balkan Security Forum”, thus putting their individual capabilities and personal responsibility, as well as capabilities for team-collective work into the function of unselfish and comprehensive intellectual and practical action in the field of building security values.

The association “Balkan Security Forum” wants to affirm the generally confirmed values of security through open debates, ideas, options and concrete planning activities, as well as to point out the most effective ways in the building a secure military-political environment in the Republic of Macedonia and the region.

The association “Balkan Security Forum” develops scientific and social theoretic-practical operation in the sphere of security, crisis management and promotion of peace values and peaceful resolution of conflicts on the territory of Macedonia, the Balkans, Europe and the world, based on professional research, analyses and reviews. When resolving issues, it builds an approach with an exceptionally professional component, while the cooperation with domestic and foreign entities is based on the principle of mutual usefulness and reciprocity, in the function and in the context of building mutual trust and strengthening of peace in all countries in the region and beyond.


The defined goals of the association’s Statute and program platform are achieved through planning and realization of the following basic tasks:

– Research of challenges, risks and threats on security at a national, regional and global level on one hand, and social adjustments and determined practice in the sphere of security on the other, thus preparing analyses and assessments on developing tendencies;

– Realization of consultative functions as assistance to state bodies and social organizations in defining and building criteria for assessment of problems related to the implementation of the security and defence policy during conflict and crises;

– Development of scientific-research activities and creation of research groups on specific issues, as well as building a central database on security problems in public administration;

– Establishment of constructive cooperation with foreign scientific organizations and exchange of professional positions and ideas aimed at promoting peace at a local, regional and global level, as well as Macedonia’s affirmation as a secure environment, including space and opportunity for cooperation and attraction of foreign investments.

– Cooperation in the organization of perspective preparation of personnel potentially capable to respond to the growing needs of society and the processes of Macedonia’s accession to the European Union and the collective security systems;

– Development of activities in the form of periodical organization and implementation of scientific and other events and trainings by way of seminars and workshops, professional-consultative discussions, debates and roundtables in the function of public debate, initiating amendments to laws and bylaws;

– Planning, organization and realization of a project for establishing clear and comprehensive codes of conduct and security policy in all segments of social life, in order to reduce the challenges, risks and threats on security;

– Publishing activities, carrying out studies and presentation of its own informative and consultative products in an electronic format via the Internet;


– Uniting its own efforts with the ones of similar organizations in the country and abroad.