Roundtable discussion topic, 24.11.2006

Roundtable discussion topic


The debate was held on November 24, 2006 (Friday), 11.00, in the Holiday Inn hotel (hall Millennium 2) in Skopje.

Objectives of the debate

To exchange view points on the subject matter, based on expert analysis of the actual aspects of Macedonian preparations for NATO membership and future steps towards achieving that goal. Development of processes and adoption of the standards and principles, as a challenge and priority for intensified activities in the framework of Euro Atlantic integrations.

Theses for discussion

– NATO transformation, European security and the Macedonian position in the security context of regional and global level,

– Riga – Macedonian chances and obligations,

– Macedonian national security and defense system: structure, objectives, tasks, and perspectives,

– Macedonian diplomacy in the context of affirmation of the activities for the membership in the Euro Atlantic integrations,

– Transformation of the security system and the challenges in front of the organs for internal order and security,

– The reforms into the Macedonian Army – the actual situation and perspectives,

– Prevention, basic method in the activities for crises management and for protection and rescue sectors,

– Nongovernmental sector – part of the security system: possibilities for contribution and its perspectives.


There were representatives from:

– The Government of the Republic of Macedonia

– The Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia,

– Ministry of defense, internal and foreign affairs,

– Security and defense commission from the Parliament

– Educational and other institutions and organizations from The Republic of Macedonia,

– International organizations: EU, OSCE, NATO, UNDP, IOM,

– Embassies in the Republic of Macedonia

– International and home nongovernmental organizations and associations

– Security and defense experts


The materials from the discussion during the debate will be published in the BSF publication. The authors of the published text will be able to take a free copy. Organizers are responsible for publishing the materials.


Macedonian and English. The translation was provided.

*   *   *

During the debate will be promoted two publications, published by the BSF:

– “Macedonia towards NATO” – publication with affirmative contents for the activities and efforts of the Republic of Macedonia and its society for the approaching toward NATO.

– “Atlantic Patience”- experiences from the activities of the Atlantic club (the Republic of Bulgaria) for the development and the achievement of the idea for Bulgaria NATO membership.

These two publications will be also presented at the NATO Summit in Riga, November 27-29, 2006. These publications will present the view of the Balkan Security Forum considering the Macedonian integration in the NATO and will contribute to speed up the process of integration.

Balkan Security Forum